April Tarotscopes 2019 - Scorpio


CARD: 3 of Pentacles

THEMES: Knowledge, mastery, accomplishment

THE SCOOP: The student (you) has become the master. There is recognition from someone you admire or look up to, perhaps a mentor. You might get that promotion, or you landed your first art exhibition. The number 3 also represents the family unit consisting of mother, father and child. It can also represent the father, son and the holy spirit; or the maiden, mother and crone. Three also represents knowledge or the ‘answer’ being sought.

ACTION STEPS: Do not doubt yourself, which as a Scorpio is almost impossible. What could be getting in your way is your approach to diplomacy: knowing how to handle the good, the bad and the ugly with finesse. Look to your 3, what you are an expert at, for the answer. If you have a child, then this may come as a sign to look to them for the answer you seek. It may be asking you to do right by your child. If you've had some problems in your romantic relationship, a third party may be to blame.

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