April Tarotscopes 2019 - Pisces


CARD: The Hierophant

THEMES: Revelation, tradition, hierarchy, structure

THE SCOOP: Hierophant means “reveal sacred”. The Hierophant reveals what you need to know and may appear as a spiritual healer or teacher in your life. The Hierophant symbolizes authority, mentorship as a path to enlightenment and the need to always be a student first.

ACTION STEPS: You are on a spiritual quest that cannot be tamed, you are focused and determined to let go and discover what you can learn from others. The softy in you might want to take a passive approach to dismantling the establishment…possibly joining in on an existing movement. That might make some people uncomfortable, because you may be challenging tradition. That’s ok as long as you’re doing what feels right in your heart. You are well on your way to becoming more authentic to your selfless ways. The Universe sees you honey!

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