March Tarotscopes 2019 - Taurus

CARD: Death

THEMES: Ending, transition, elimination

THE SCOOP: This is the period at the end of a sentence for some while it is a comma for others. The Death card symbolizes closure, moving on, cutting ties, eliminating the things that no longer serve you, or being pulled into something that you cannot escape.

ACTION STEPS: Try as you may but there’s no escaping the Death card. I want to say that this card is expressing more of a whirlwind of external forces that you cannot control and that are taking you to a new, perhaps dark, place in your life. With Mercury Retrograde at our feet communicating what your thinking or feeling during this time is going to be hard. You’re going to get your hands dirty, which you hate, but have patience and know that at the end of the tunnel there is always light.

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