March Tarotscopes 2019 - Libra

CARD: 8 of swords

THEMES: Restriction, Confusion, Powerlessness

THE SCOOP: This card shows a woman who’s blindfolded, possibly lost, and surrounded by a prison of swords. If only she could see, she’d realize that nothing is really holding her back. She has a clear path right in front of her but she just can’t see it or reach out to touch it.

ACTION STEPS: You may be feeling lost and powerless right now. You might be filled with doubt and feelings of being lost and not knowing what to do with your life. Do nothing. When the time is right, you will know what to do Libra. You are always tactful and mindful of the steps you take so do not worry about making the wrong decision, because you won’t. You will make a move in the right direction when the time is right.

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