March Tarotscopes 2019 - Gemini

CARD: 7 of cups

THEMES: love, imagination, desires

THE SCOOP:  The 7 of cups is filled with desire and imagination. There are two ways to look at this card.

1. It represents someone whose considered to be physically beautiful, and who knows how to get what they want. This person has beauty, love, money, and a thriving career.

2. It represents all the things you desire in your life.  

ACTION STEPS: Your actions this month really depend on which one of these two meanings you feel more connected to or represent a person or issue in your life. Consider these as they relate to your career and relationships with others.

1. Gemini’s are attractive and charming so this person might actually be you. If it is you, great! You’ve got much success coming your way this month - and you’ll look damn good while rocking it.

2. Venture down this path with all three eyes open. You tend to chase after the things you desire and neglect the things that need nurturing (like friendships and romantic relationships). Be mindful of your ego.

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