March Tarotscope 2019 - Pisces

CARD: Page of Cups 

THEMES: Student of life

THE SCOOP: The Page of cups is ruled by water but is calm and serene. This card is youthful and gentle. This card reminds you to look at any situation with an open eye and open mind. There is also some psychic elements in this card.

ACTION STEPS: Pisces in Pisces season is like a walking Niagara Falls. The great thing about being an open heart is that you are always willing to learn and be the Page of Cups. The Page of Cups wears his heart on his sleeve and does it with glee. She brings you the calm after your very stormy tendencies. Tap into the stillness and revitalizing energy of water to get you through the rest of this very turbulent Pisces season. There’s been a lot of emotionally intense romances in the air and that might have you doing the most when you don’t need to. Con calma amor.

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