February Tarotscopes 2019 - Pisces

CARD: The World

THEME: Victory, Expanding, Arrival, New Beginning

THE SCOOP: The World asks of you to find closure in old aspects of your life that didn’t benefit you. New portals of opportunity, abundance, and success surround you. You are now seeing situations at different perspectives and this allows a broader sense of consciousness to accompany you

ACTION STEPS: Pisces you made it baby! You have done the hard work and are now opening up like a flower. It’s your time to shine and thrive in all of the beautiful things you’ve made happen for yourself. You’re seeing things clearly now and are ready to walk in a new path. Go for it and but be ready to leave people behind because there’s no time to look back. If they can’t keep up, then they can’t come with you. You’re an emotional one so this might be a bit hard for your heart but your mind knows it’s a necessary sacrifice.

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