February Tarotscopes 2018 - Aquarius

CARD: Ace of wands

THEMES: Beginnings, career, travel, adventure

THE SCOOP: The Ace of Wands is a fire sign. The wand is here to knock you on the head like Mufasa. All ace cards represent the divine energy at its purest. To ignore the Ace of Wands is to coward away from growing as a person and experiencing new things. The Ace of Wands is closely related to career, work and creative projects.

ACTION STEPS: Get ready to be put in the hot seat at work or given lead on a project. Ace of wands is giving you the opportunity to thrive in your career. Here’s you chance to show em who’s boss! If you’re planning a trip this year, now’s the time to look up tickets and book away. Prepare yourself for a month full of adventure. And no worries, you can handle it. You’re a smart cookie.

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