August Tarotscopes 2018 - Virgo


CARD: Queen of Swords

THEMES: Honest, astute, experienced

THE SCOOP: The Queen of Swords is like an elder in a tribe. She is wise, swift, non-judgmental and brutally honest. She’s been through much change and is wise. Beyond that, she asks the necessary questions to get you where you need to be.

ACTION STEPS: This is Lemonade Beyonce. She is a Virgo through and through and when Jay cheated, she turned into the Queen of Swords and produced Lemonade. Ahhh you gotta love how easily you can tell a story and correlate the cards to real life.  Okay, but back to you Virgo - this is your Lemonade moment! Who done fucked up and now you have to set them straight? You always keep your cool and are not a naturally vindictive or revengeful person. So your clap back will be more precise, straight for the jugular and no one will be mad at you for it. Go ahead and lay down the law.

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