August Tarotscopes 2018 - Libra


CARD: The Chariot

THEMES: Victory, Will, Self-Assertion, Hard Control

THE SCOOP: The Chariot represents willpower and assertiveness. The Chariot is victorious and not ashamed of that victory. The Chariot is confident and prepared to win. The Chariot does not represent an inflated ego but the opposite, a healthy confidence in oneself.

ACTION STEPS:  Libra you've been needing this card for some time now and there's no surprise that it's coming to you during your season - Fall. You are just, kind, artistic, respectful but indecisive as hell. The Chariot has weighed the pros and cons -- and is headed straight for the prize. You're talented and have the chops it takes to make it out there in the big world. Throw on that helmet, grab your medium of choice and conquer your fears. Plus your ruling sign, Venus, is throwing you a little attention a few days before the full moon. 

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