August Tarotscopes 2018 - Aquarius


SIGN: Aquarius

CARD: King of Swords

THEMES: Absolute authority, brilliant mind a.k.a Steve Jobs

THE SCOOP: The King of Swords is a mighty and powerful card as one might expect from the intensity in the mans face on the Rider-Waite-Coleman deck. He sits with absolute authority with the establishment standing strong behind him as he holds his sword with ease. He sits comfortably on a throne that he earned and has no intention of giving up.

ACTION STEPS: This is such an Aquarius card that I chuckled a bit when I pulled it. Aquarius tend to be closet intellectuals. Silent but deadly if ever challenged to a game of chess or jeopardy.  You've emerged from Mercury Rx victorious most likely in your home, work, religious or educational endeavors. Take it easy and relax. We all know how brilliant you are, but do you? Mercury Rx might've messed with your confidence a bit but even then you came out on top. Stop second guessing yourself when things get a little tough. 

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