August Tarotscopes 2018 - Pisces


SIGN: Pisces

CARD: 8 of Wands

THEMES: Action, Endings

THE SCOOP: The 8 of wands is pushing you to action. Everything is lined up as it should be and now is your time to act. It also represents an end to the past to make way for the new.

ACTION STEPS: You're probably already exhausted as fuck from Retrograde season and might've ducked out a bit as a way to avoid the chaos. Sorry hun, but the chaos is going to continue to chase your ass since you wanna play possum. The 8 of wands is a card demanding that you take a leap of faith while revealing the tools at our disposal to protect you, so you needn't be afraid. We're all going through this life blindfolded with our swords are our heels, waiting to be wielded. But will you be ready when the time comes? You must, there is no other way. What is really stopping you? You might notice it's all mental. Once you take action your view will be clear and the road ahead a little less scary. Pisces, let it go and trust that big heart of yours. 

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