June Tarotscopes 2018 - Gemini

CARD: Ace of Swords

THEMES:  Tunnel vision, sharp mind, intellect

THE SCOOP: The Ace of Swords is the strategist; filled with strength, power and tunnel vision. You can have the biggest army in the world, but without a strategy, it will do you no good. 

ACTION STEPS: What a damn card to get for a Gemini on the cusp of Gemini season. The Ace of Swords slices right in between your duplicitous ways and cuts right to the chase. Right to the best course of action. Tap into your intellect and knack for words to get things done this month.  You know what you want and have the talents to make it come true but you use the ying and yang of the Gemini as a scapegoat for your insecurities. Remember the Ace of Swords and cut through the bullshit. Including your own. 

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