May Tarotscopes 2018 - Taurus

CARD: The Chariot

THEMES: Victory, Will, Self-Assertion, Hard Control

THE SCOOP: The Chariot represents willpower and assertiveness. The Chariot is victorious and not ashamed of that victory. The Chariot is confident and prepared to win. The Chariot does not represent an inflated ego but the opposite, a healthy confidence in oneself.

ACTION STEPS:  This is a timely card for you this month Taurus. It's your season and you're riding The Chariot straight to the top of your career and personal finances. You're looking good, eating all the right foods, getting in that exercise and loving all over yourself. You've got Uranus (moving into Taurus this month) on your side to help you break that glass ceiling, but remember that the chards of its remains have to land somewhere. Your taking charge of your destiny this month but your patience and networks may be tested. The Chariot will keep you focused, deliberate and in control. This is easy for you because it's natural for you to take charge and make way for what you want to accomplish. Go on witcha bad self! :) 

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