April Tarotscopes 2018 - Sagittarius

CARD: Ace of wands

THEMES: Beginnings, career, travel, adventure

THE SCOOP: The Ace of Wands is a fire sign, just like you! The wand is here to knock you on the head like Mufasa. All ace cards represent the divine energy at its purest. To ignore the Ace of Wands is to coward away from growing as a person and experiencing new things. The Ace of Wands is closely related to career, work and creative projects.

ACTION STEPS: If you have a wand, use it in spell work this month to channel direct and intentional energy where you want it. Looking to deepen your pockets, use that wand in some money magick and point it towards a blank check or towards your Bank of America mobile app. Spearheading a new project at work? Explore all angles and explore available resources to make it a successful project.

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