May Tarotscopes 2018 - Pisces

CARD: King of Wands

THEMES: Materialism, Ego, Drive

THE SCOOP: The King of Wands ruled by fire and Leo is absolute, authoritative and wise. His wealth is overwhelming and attracts envy, jealousy, and enemies. The King of Wands represents great responsibility and leadership but also a strong ego.

ACTION STEPS: When the King of Wands presents itself to Pisces, it can be telling you that its time to come out of that emotional shell you hide behind. It could also be your ego going for a stroll, encouraging you to take charge of your destiny. More importantly, The King of Wands is in it to win it and that kind of energy can come in handy for you this month. Communication and networking is a biggie are also a biggie this month. Uranus moving into Taurus, then Aries might knock your ability to be accommodating and flexible off a bit. You might be a bit impulsive, taking on more than you can handle. That's alright though because when you get knocked down 9 times you get back up 10.  Right Cardi?! Woot! And sweet, emotional and sensitive Pisces, if ever there was a time to dive back into the dating game, it's now. 

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