May Tarotscopes 2018 - Libra

CARD: 4 of Swords

THEMES: Contemplation, relaxation, recuperation

THE SCOOP: Libra's are constantly weighing the good and the bad and that can be exhausting. You may not be indecisive but you just need a break from it all. You may be tired from always having to make the final decision. The 4 of swords shows up in your life in overdue bills, working at a job you hate, your child having a fever, your ex-partner making your life a living hell, etc. All those life woes that can pile up and knock you out.

ACTION STEPS: Shut it all down for right now and give your mind some space to come up with a plan of attack. Turn off your phone and close the blinds to keep folks away. Those swords will still be there when you're ready to face them.

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