April Tarotscopes 2018 - Libra

CARD: Judgment

THEMES: Renewal, resurrection, new life

THE SCOOP: The trumpet is calling you to an awakening, to arise and be woke! The judgment card reveals a higher calling. This card may reveal your true purpose. When the judgement card presents itself it signifies the end of old habits and ways of living and a new dawn. The judgement card strips you of your insecurity and exposes you naked and ready to start anew.

ACTION STEPS: Libras are always trying to find balance and that can cause major confusion - because the truth is that you cannot weigh all things equal. Your scales will tip to the side that resonates true to you. You no longer need to sacrifice who you are to satisfy others. Put down the scales and walk away into your most authentic self. Yes, you will lose some people in your life, but that’s how life works. People come and go, and as you grow sometimes you grow out of your old skin and old relationships.

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