April Tarotscopes 2018 - Leo

CARD: 3 of swords

THEMES: Heartbreak, betrayal, loneliness

THE SCOOP: There is sudden heartbreak and pain in your life. Your heart has been stabbed not once, but three times. Not only are you betrayed but your immediate environment is in turmoil because of this betrayal. This card can also represent someone else or a situation in your life that is bound to or is causing you to feel lonely, rejected or hurt.

ACTION STEPS:  You tend to wear your heart on your sleeve, leaving yourself vulnerable to heart break. Leo’s are fiery and aggressive when hurt, so be aware that you may lash out at those around you for something they had nothing to do with. This storm and turmoil may be a secondary effect of something you did out of love. Sometimes we cause heartbreak because we love a person, not because we want to hurt them. That is a fine line to walk so be as cautious as you can in the things you say and do after the fact. Especially up until the 15th, which is the last day of Mercury Retrograde.

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