May Tarotscopes 2018 - Gemini

CARD: Knight of Cups

THEMES: Charm, seduction, dreamy, attractive, sexual rollercoaster.

THE SCOOP: Taurus amplifies The Knight of Cups seductive and charming ways. The Knight of Cups is vain, self-indulgent as he rides on his high horse.

ACTION STEPS: Venus moving through your chart the first half of the month in combination with the Knight of Cups, is a good indicator of some extra love, affection, and attention coming your way. Take that energy and make it your own. Express yourself, open yourself up without giving your all away to someone else. Taurus season has your back, highlighting your natural beauty and encouraging you to be a little fancy. And listen, love and sexual expression doesn't always involve someone else swooping you off your feet. Sweep your damn self off your feet and right into a day at the spa.

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