May Tarotscopes 2018 - Cancer

CARD: 7 of cups

THEMES: love, imagination, desires

THE SCOOP:  The 7 of cups is filled with desire and imagination. There are two ways to look at this card.

1. It represents someone whose considered to be physically beautiful, and who knows how to get what they want. This person has beauty, love, money, and a thriving career.

2. It represents all the things you desire in your life.  

ACTION STEPS: Your actions this month really depend on which one of these two meanings you feel more connected to or represent a person or issue in your life. Consider these as they relate to your career and relationships with others.

1. Venus is amplifying your good fortune and bringing you all the things you desire. Watch out for Uranus making its transition into Taurus (then April briefing) and causing a big change. This is a time of great expansion. Your big break is coming and you'll be meeting new people, opening up creatively and joining in on community events.

2. You finally know what you truly desire in this life but can you have it all and still be happy? Use the energy of Taurus to test that theory out. Maybe it's time for you to take care of yourself more and be a little bougie. Venus has your back.

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