May Tarotscopes 2018 - Aries

CARD: Ace of wands

THEMES: Beginnings, career, travel, adventure

THE SCOOP: FIRE FIRE FIRE is all I see right now with the draw of this card for the month of May. The Ace (fire) of Wands(fire) for an Aries (fire) is just...volcanic, to say the least.  You have most likely let the kettle on the stove too long and the hot and seething water is spewing everywhere. There's no ignoring the Ace of Wands, and if you do - the thing you're trying to hold together so dearly will crash and burn instead of coming to a smooth landing. You're probably waving that wand around, demanding to be heard.  All this drama might be dust when the New Moon rolls around on the 15th. 

ACTION STEPS: Aries is a cardinal sign and that means you want to take action. Sometimes in wanting this so badly, you jump the gun. Do your very best to reign in the aggressive and defensive parts of your nature and instead shine in leadership and initiative. Be the first to speak up and offer a solution to extinguishing the ongoing fire. Especially if the fire is occurring at work. If you know you're on the way out the door, don't leave with a bang. Leave with your head high and dignity intact. The Full Moon at the end of the month is asking you go beyond your comfort zone and explore a little. But make sure to make some time for yourself this month.

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