April Tarotscopes 2018 - Aries

CARD: The Fool

THEMES: Inner child, naivety, risks, impulse

THE SCOOP: You are on the brink of going within and taking a chance or a risk, depending on which way you want to see it. Where that decision will take you is up to the universe. There are no real answers in the fool, just the representation of the beginning of a journey where anything is possible. Will it be a triumph? Or  destruction?

ACTION STEPS: There’s not much you can tell an impulsive Aries, especially when they’re exhibiting the signs of The Fool: naive with blinders on. If you are open to listening, then sit on whatever it is you are itching so bad to do. When you do things on impulse, you don’t give your brain the opportunity to process the entire situation and access what is truly the best option for you. Be cautious.

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