April Tarotscopes 2018 - Aquarius

CARD: The Hermit

THEMES: Healing, Self-exploration, Isolation

The Scoop: The Hermit depicts an older, Gandalf looking man, at the top of a snowy mountain holding a staff, as tall as he is, and a lantern with a shining star in it. It doesn't necessarily mean an old man, but the wisdom, introspection and even loneliness that comes with old age. This star in the lantern is his guiding light through this journey. This card asks you to be wise and to take the time to focus on healing and detaching from the things that do not serve you. This is a great companion to the intellectual Aquarius, who doesn't always know when to retreat and take it easy.

ACTION STEPS: When this card presents itself, especially to an Aquarius, it’s reminding you to take a step back. So do just that. You are wise and keen on what’s really going on in the world and behind the eyes of the people, you know. 
If you're currently on a spiritual journey and have found yourself slowly moving away from your peace, then this card is serving as a reminder to get back on track. It's telling you to go on your walks, do your rituals and remember to breathe. This would be a great time to go on the silent retreat you've been dreaming about. Shut down all the noise and follow The Hermit into the unknown.

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