March Tarotscopes 2018 - Leo


CARD: Ace of Pentacles

THEMES: Prosperity, Manifest, Security, Practicality

THE SCOOP: The Ace of Pentacles is offering you material wealth, opportunity and stability. Will you accept it?

ACTION STEPS: Financial stability is within your reach if it hasn’t already found its way into your life. What you have been working hard at is paying off. Use that Leo fire and confidence to take that offering and manifest your dreams. As soon as it came, it can easily be gone - especially if you wait until later in the month when Mercury retrogrades (March 22 - April 15) to work on any business deals or financial transactions. Mars (action) moves into Capricorn (self-control, ambition, responsibility) on March 17th, so this would be an ideal date for any major business decisions. 

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