March Tarotscopes 2018 - Aries


CARD: 3 of Swords

THEMES: Heartbreak, betrayal, loneliness

THE SCOOP: There is sudden heartbreak and pain in your life. Your heart has been stabbed not once, but three times. Not only are you betrayed but your immediate environment is in turmoil because of this betrayal. This card can also represent someone else or a situation in your life that is bound to or is causing you to feel lonely, rejected or hurt.

ACTION STEPS: If you suspected a betrayal but have been turning the other way then you shouldn’t be surprised by this. You will grow from this and emerge stronger. Don't let this betrayal define you or your happiness. If you can’t be alone with your feelings, then keep yourself busy with healthy not self-destructing activities. If you are the one causing the heartbreak, give yourself a break - you are only human. If you are intentionally hurting someone else, ask yourself why. Will it do your spirit any good to hurt another, just because you can? Sit with that before you crush someone else's heart. Aries are extremely passionate and fiery, so try not to be impulsive and do something you'll regret later. 


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