March Tarotscopes 2018 - Aquarius


CARD: 3 of Wands

THEMES: Exploration, foresight, leadership

THE SCOOP: If the Aquarius sign could be represented by one tarot card, it would be the 3 of wands. The 3 of Wands and Aquarius zodiac share a lot of the same qualities, like leadership, intelligence, and vision. Pulling this card for an Aquarian is like running over a Star in the Mario Kart game - propelling you forward to victory. 

ACTION STEPS: Use the influence of Aries this month to explore your curiosities and scratch that adventure itch you’ve had for a very long time. Shine in the leadership role you are in and bring everyone up the ladder with you. You are a rare and very unique person who uplifts the people around you. It does not go unnoticed. People will step up to help cover for you while you’re out on that well-earned vacation.

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