February Tarotscopes 2018 - Virgo


CARD: Knight of Pentacles

THEMES: Unwavering, cautious, determined and realistic

THE SCOOP: The Knight of Pentacles is a dog looking for a bone. The energy from this card is meticulous, not satisfied with just getting the job done but doing so in a precise manner. If it’s not perfect, worked hard for or obsessed over this card wants nothing to do with it. This can present itself as you, someone else or your current environment.

ACTION STEPS: This card sounds familiar right? It should be called Virgo, because honey this card is basically you! Having trouble communicating? You may be the problem. The way you approach things may be turning people off. Address the issue in a non-confrontational way for a resolution. If you’re not having any issues right now then keep on your merry way. You are where you need to be, doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

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