February Tarotscopes 2018 - Leo


CARD: The Emperor

THEMES: Action, Authority, Logic, Reason
THE SCOOP: The Emperor is in control, active and ready to take charge. He is logical and doesn’t act without reason. The Emperor is in a place of authority and in control. The emperor is fueled by the passionate Aries and will not allow anything to get in his way. The Emperor’s energy sparks the upcoming Spring Equinox but you’ll need next month’s card to know how to channel that energy.

ACTION STEPS: Be mindful of your ego as you continue on your war-path to success. Channel the thoughtfulness of the Emperor in making swift but wise decisions on your way to the top. You’re ambition can be derailed if you make moves without considering the overall picture. Remember to refer back to this card next month in preparation for the Spring Equinox.

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