January Tarotscopes 2018 - Leo


Card: Lovers

Themes: Love, Partnership, Affection

The Scoop: The Lovers (elemental air) are watched over by Archangel Raphael who symbolizes a higher intellectual bond between the masculine and feminine energies in love. This card shows a mature, respectful and mutual attraction in all forms of love. Sometimes this card means you need to make a choice between two partners or two forms of love in your life. This choice is not always related to romantic love. 

Action steps: Leos are flashy, confident and the center of attention. For this card to come up means you have found someone or something in which you place just as much care and consideration as you do for yourself. Nurture this love you are feeling and watch it bloom into a partnership that will bring you joy for many moons to come. You may be conflicted about a partnership and need to make a decision.

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