September Tarotscopes 2017 - Virgo


Happy Birthday, sweet Virgo!

Invite September in with the energy of the Queen of Swords, an archetype that is “cut to the chase” and always delivers a reality check when we need it the most. The Queen suggests that you move silently this month. Take the time to pause before you speak, share, commit, assume, accuse, or react.

Virgos are masters of the pause because deep down they know it is essential to good and open communication. Pause, breathe, analyze, self-reflect, then speak. Your communication will be taking you on plenty of inner journeys this month. Trust in this deeply and let the universe handle the rest. So essentially, refrain from speaking or communicating about the story of what you’re going through, and instead allow the depth of your vulnerability to illuminate through. Let yourself say that you are alone, scared, or don’t know. Shine a light on your words so that they may be clarified - the truth shall set you free.

Queen of swords is a master communicator. With her direct delivery, she is able to slash through any doubt, confusion, or fear and speak from the heart. Use this sword to relieve yourself from anxiety and disoriented thoughts. If you’re feeling a type of way just pause. Pausing will give you the space to move through the experience of your feelings and emotions, and the frenzy of your thoughts, until you come to a middle ground. An abundance of healing, clarity, illumination, and evolution will be born from that place.

Affirmation: I am cool, calm, and collected in my communications. 

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