September Tarotscopes 2017 - Sagittarius

SagittariusThere is a whole new world opening up for you, Sagittarius.

The World asks of you to find closure in old aspects of your life that didn’t benefit you. New portals of opportunity, abundance, and success surround you. You are now seeing situations at different perspectives and this allows a broader sense of consciousness to accompany you. Use this awareness wisely and don’t fall back. The World reveals your individuality and willingness to experience new dynamics. Sprinkle glitter, lavender, and bay leaves over your life strategically. This can promote exposure and your skills are heightened with this influence.

If you are looking to accomplish vital goals and dreams, this is the time to pay attention to the messages the Universe or Spiritual team is trying to send you. The Source is working to support you, but you in turn have to put in the work. You will get that big break or the accolades you deserve. Grind time!

Affirmation: It is time for parts of my life to come together and create an irresistible energy.

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