September Tarotscopes 2017 - Leo

LeoYour feelings may be heavy this month, Leo.

The Moon asks that you trust your intuition and let that light illuminate your way through any confusion. In this cycle of your life, you will be diving into some deep, hidden places in yourself that will ultimately reveal what you couldn’t see clearly in the past. Trust every second of this phase. You are gearing up for your highest expansion. This moment is also here to help you trust yourself more deeply, to know that there is no reason to fear the dark, and to align the power of our inner waves.  Use your imagination, adhere to your feminine side, intuition over logic - are all primary themes for you this September.

Explore your shadow side without fear of losing yourself. The more you surrender and heal the move you’ll expand and discover. The Moon beckons you to go beyond your comfort zone. Go into the shadow of your subconscious and ego. This card wants to teach you how to journey through darkness with ease and grace, Leo, flowing with whatever arises.

Affirmation: I am imagination, open to receiving and exploring images from faraway worlds.

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