September Tarotscopes 2017 - Capricorn


You are in the flow this month, Capricorn.

The three of cups influences you to enjoy the company around you. Step out of your comfort zone a little. You are encouraged to share, collaborate, contribute, and dance with the people you love. Even if you still want to be in Hermit mode, you will feel nourished by group energy whenever you allow yourself to be apart of it. If your circle is small, September is the month to take actionable steps to change that. Join a book club, meditation circle, or skill share group - whatever feels right to you.

Furthermore, you are in the genius zone right now, so try connecting people together by starting your own club. These are things to consider as you’re flowing through this admirable energy. It is recommended for you to create something special with the people closest to you. Something fun, aligned, and cherishing. Three of cups has a collaborative spirit behind it - if you let loose and enjoy it, this month will be extremely healing for you. It isn’t easy for you to loosen up. Practice letting go, being vulnerable, and shouting to the rooftops when needed. Those who get the honor of being in your presence will appreciate you more for it. This will only motivate you to laugh even louder and push you out of your bubble even further. Play this month, Cap - it’ll bring prosperity and abundance your way.

Affirmation: Today is a day for celebrating life and everything good that it brings to me.

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