September Tarotscopes 2017 - Cancer


Step into your light this month, Cancer.

The Fool reassures that it is safe for you to shine this September. Take a sacred step into the unknown.  Talk about that part within you that wants to shine. In the past, you’ve had feelings of loneliness because everyone isn’t like you. You’ve also felt isolated because you hide your brightest self from the world. The way you’ve been moving and living no longer serves you. It is the perfect time for expansion. Autumn is the season of #realizations. You’ve worked hard to raise your vibrations. You remind people that it is okay to be unapologetically you, but you have to act and leap first.

As soon as you step into the highest most authentic version of you, your fears and concerns will fade. You will flow with life. Lean into yourself, spend more time being rather than doing, and you will be supported beyond your dreams. Level up, Cancer!

Affirmation: I am unlimited potential, open to change and unknown possibilities.

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