September Tarotscopes 2017 - Aries

AriesHarvest the fruits this September, Aries. 

King of Pentacles reveals that with the balance of responsibility and consistency, you were able to achieve great things this summer. You can finally say you’ve reached some goals, marked off some buckets on your list, or completed a task. Ariens have created a fiery, passionate, richness in their lives. It is a time for you to keep the energy going and new opportunities will continue to arrive in your life.

Whenever you need to manage a job, skill, or venture efficiently, remember the king’s message- be practical and work hard. It is acceptable to use systematic, logical, and structured approaches in your work. You have already had the time to experience with what works best for you. You have your own methods, practices, and rituals that flow smoothly with your lifestyle or work environment and it will continue to lead you to long lasting success. Quality over quantity is key this month.

Affirmation: I am a master of productive activity.

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