November Tarotscopes 2017 - Cancer


Card: 4 of Cups

Themes: Meditation, contemplation, re-evaluation

The Scoop: You’ve pulled away to regroup this month because what’s in front of you isn’t necessarily satisfying. This is a period of contemplation and sorting out the options. This card is also a reminder to be grateful for what you already have. Tell the Universe you like what you have and that you would like to invite more of it into your life. When you take things for granted, you will fill your headspace with thoughts of emptiness and frustration. Being that we vibrate on the level as our thoughts, you have to think positive or the Universe will send you more of what you’re thinking of. Create your own reality!

Action Steps: If something doesn’t interest you, you don’t have to accept it. Say no until the right opportunity comes along. Take time before making moves and develop a course of action carefully. Meditate and isolate! Seek new inspiration.

Affirmation: I choose to see the opportunities in front of me.

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