November Tarotscopes 2017 - Aries


Card: 2 of Cups

Themes: Balance, attraction, unified love

The Scoop: There is no “I”,  just “we” when it comes to the 2 of cups. The card reflects balance, mutual respect, and harmony in relationships and friendships. You are receiving clear, nurturing, supportive and heartfelt exchange of emotions that is a gift to your heart. Create positive relationships with you and love will continue to find its way to you. Practice compromising this month. This is that feel-good, cuddle buddy, Netflix and chill season. Give yourself a chance to be vulnerable and feel free to explore the realms of happiness. Show the Universe what you can handle.

Action Steps: Give and take! Cooperate. Make an effort to connect. Reach out! Share what you have with others.

Affirmation: I attract healthy and positive relationships.

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