October Tarotscospes 2017 - Pisces

The hierophant erykah badu

Sign: Pisces

Card: The Hierophant

Themes: Beliefs, conformity, groups, education.

The Scoop: Life is your teacher. This journey provides you with lessons to learn for your own personal growth. Remember that the Universe will keep throwing the same lesson at you, until you overcome or change perspectives of it. Once you recognize this is happening and change what you are doing, the situation will change for the better. Sometimes the #Universe delivers exactly what we’re asking for in a way we don’t want. Don’t block the flow.

Action Steps: If there is tension between your spirituality and the ideas of others, stand firm in what you believe in. Don’t let people project their fears onto you. #Rituals, prayer, journaling, and #meditation will be good for you this month. It might be time to build that altar.

Affirmation: My spirituality is valid and important.

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