October Tarotscopes 2017 - Taurus

Melanie Martinez Cry Baby The Star


Card: The Star

Themes: Renewal, hope, serenity, #spirituality.

The Scoop: This is a time of wisdom and to listen. Trust yourself more because you already have the answers you are seeking. Are you paying attention to your heart? What is it saying?  Listen for the truth with yourself. Silence your mind and see what answers resonate the most. It can be hard for most of us to listen, but what happens when we do is unexplainable. Your higher self-shines through. Understand that not all hope is lost and the solution is closer than you think.

Action Steps: Open your heart. Renew your self-esteem and increase the trust you have for yourself. Keep a positive outlook on life. Stay focused on what you want and have faith that it will all work out. The Universe rewards #positivity.

Affirmation: I let my inner star shine and look to it for further guidance and direction.

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