October Tarotscopes 2017 - Sagittarius

Scarlett Johansson Sagittarius Tarotscope

Card: Eight of Wands

Themes: Momentum, progress, movement, solutions

The Scoop: Your creative spirits are heightened and you’re feeling inclined to kick your right brain into third gear. Divine source is mobilizing through you and you are coming up with top-notch ideas. Put in the work because the high level of energy will propel you forward to reach your goals at a faster pace than before. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, is moving into Scorpio on the 10’th. You will be very busy when it comes to what you're most passionate and enthusiastic about.

Action Steps: Stay productive. Allow the raw energy to flow through you. Ensure that your activities are focused on your broader goals and that you’re allotting the right amount of time to the right thing. Before moving to the next task, make sure your previous task is complete.

Affirmation: I am moving forward with quickness and precision.

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