October Tarotscopes 2017 - Cancer

Missy Elliot as The Hanged Man Tarot

Card: The Hanged Man

Themes: Letting go, sacrifice, reversal, suspension.

The Scoop: Decisions and activities will be postponed until you take the time to receive wisdom from the Universe. Pause and spend some time in reflection. You are being instructed to do this because there is something you are missing. Slow down in order to identify what decisions need to be made at this time. You need an emotional release from whatever has you feeling stuck. Have faith in solace and allow different perspectives to come to mind. Whatever choice you make, everything will be alright.

Action Steps: Hang in there and surrender to the situation. The Universe will work out everything out in perfect timing. If you feel like you’re faith is being tested: have faith!

Affirmation: I accept the things I cannot change and I have found the courage to let go.

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