October Tarotscopes 2017 - Aries

Lady Gaga Aries Tarotscope


Card: The Emperor

Themes: Stability, authority, structure, foundation

The Scoop: You currently need a better sense of #direction. The Emperor provides a continual energy to benefit your life. Reflect on the internal compass that is trying to show you the way. To know something is different than being capable of doing something. Understand your level of authority and embrace your capabilities. Trust your skills and instincts to get the job done. Don’t rely on other people to complete what you should be doing yourself. Don’t expect them to do as good of a job as you.

Action Steps: If you are feeling underappreciated, you still need to push through. There is no room for error. Be responsible for your own actions. Reliance on others could result in disaster. Coordinate, command, and exert control.

Affirmation: I am able to provide for myself and the ones I love.

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