October Tarotscopes 2017 - Aquarius


Card: Page of Pentacles

Themes: Manifestation, prosperity, desire, enthusiasm.

The Scoop: Your hard work has been recognized and you will receive good news regarding work, finances, money, or any other support you’ve been waiting to hear about. You are learning to harness and master your creative energy. You have a newfound respect for learning new skills and techniques. Unleash your inner child and tap into your creative intuitive mind that will go stronger because of this. Enjoy what you’re doing at your own leisure. When the good news rolls in, it will change the way you do things. Be grateful! Enjoy the process.

Action Steps: Your common sense and practical approach will lead you to a wide range of solutions this month. Focus on tangible elements or things you have the power to control. Manifest and visualize away. Whatever you need in your life, call it in!

Affirmation: A new door of opportunity opens for me.

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