Your Guide to The April 2019 Full Moon

Your Guide to The April 2019 Full Moon

The second month of Spring brings along a very interesting full moon. April the 19th marks the second full moon in Libra with the sun in Aries. While it may seem like a “groundhog day”, if we look at the previous full moon, there are some changes and adjustment that it brings.

From astrological point of view, as some may guess, the month of April is a mix of very different things. It moves us further into Spring, but not only in terms of calendar, but also when it comes to our emotions, perceptions and beliefs.

As flowers spring, our emotions spring too. And the full moon in April is the apex of these things combine, so you might want to hold tight and stay grounded at the same time.

Here is how the full moon on April 19th will affect all the zodiac signs.


Uranus in Taurus will place a special emphasis on your true value as a human being, on how you make money, how you spend it, and the possessions that you have. This astrological conjunction wants to set you free, to get you rid of the old conceptions about making money and being who you are. This full moons wants to remind you that the real riches lays in who you are inside and your potential.


The full moon on April 19th wants to teach you a valuable lesson about reevaluating the things in your life. Money, career, your partner and intimate matters now come to light. Blockages and loss may come if you’ve earned through dishonesty and deceit. It’s time to get your mind clear and understand that the cleanliness in your mind and soul will bring clarity to your outer experience.


Venus in Pisces will transit your career house during this full moon. This means that you’ll enjoy new possibilities or small revenues. Rewards are on their way, just open your mind and your heart to receive them. It’s important to keep a positive image about yourself and those around you. Rejoice for their success and know that yours is already here.


The full moon on April 19th brings beneficial energies to Cancer natives. This translates to bonuses or rewards at work. Remain humble and work in light to up the scale because what you saw at this time you’ll reap at the next full moon. All the good that you make around you will eventually come to you ten folds. Trust in this message that the moon has for you.


For you the full moon this month marks a time of reflection and fixing, if the case be. Something may happen that troubles you, things from the past may come to your present and haunt you. The best step to take is to look things in their eye with confidence and act from a place of love and compassion, towards the others and ultimately towards yourself.


There are plenty good news for you, that the full moon brings. First off, things look amazing when it comes to your love life. Whether you’ll start a new love relationship, meet someone who will help you grow emotionally or even get married, expect good things. The light of the full moon will reveal some family secrets so you might pay attention to the signs.


These natives will receive insights about what personal projects you need to invest your efforts in and what to put aside. The full moon will bring to you this clarity of mind that you desired so much. When it comes to your family, household or family business, this is not the time to make bald decisions. Instead enjoy things clearing out for you to see them.


Your themes is related to your finances. More precisely, you get the occasion to reevaluate your idea of money and how to use them properly. The full moon will teach you that money is a form of energy that flows from and towards you. The key here is to keep a balance between the spiritual and material aspect of things, between giving and receiving.


The full moon will bring you more clarity of mind and you’ll see that you’ve continued on your ascendent path and you’ve made significant progresses. Don’t be too hard on yourselves and trust this cosmic alignment more. You are taken care of, the only thing you need to do is to know this every step of the way. This full moon is a blessing for all Sagittarius natives!


Venus travels through your family house which means that you’ll enjoy some benefits related to your family, parents, even a new home or home investments. The full moon in April comes with an important message to you and that is you are protected and safe. Continue being your true self, no matters what others think and if there still are things you don’t want to face, it’s the best time to do so.


It’s a time of growth for these natives. And when we speak about growing, we often include those harsh moments when reality hits. Don’t be afraid to go out there and live life. Keep in mind that these lessons come from love and will have a positive effect on your life on the long run. Trust that all is well as it is!


You’re in the spotlight of attention on this full moon. This attention is amplified by your joy of living, personal charm, spontaneity and the love surrounding you. You have on your side an energy that will induce magnetism and make you shine. This is the result of the spiritual work you’ve done with yourself. Enjoy the bounty that you deserve!

This full moon may spark the desire in you to create more harmony in your life. However harmony is about small adjustments not big and rash decisions. The purpose of a full moon is to mirror what you’ve put out and not a time for great outside changes. It’s rather a time to tune in with your intuition and see what revelations it bring.

Let this full moon in Libra spring in you all the positive emotions and human qualities that reflect who you are as a person. And commit to that.

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