Your Guide to the March 2019 Full Moon

Your Guide to the March 2019 Full Moon

The 20th of March marks the full moon in Libra. This full moon is special given the Sun is in Aries. So what makes it special? Libra is all about balancing out the things in your life while Aries is about taking action. The full moon is generally about introspection rather than taking rash decisions. And this full moon is exactly about this, not action but rather reflection. Just as the full moon reflects the sun’s light on Earth, it will also reflect to you the things that you do, as a magnifier.

Consider the things you need to put in harmony in your life and ask the divine intuition to give you the perfect advice. It’s also important to speak your truth and validate your bad and good feelings. Only when the truth is out you can move to the next step in adjusting and fine tuning your next steps.

Do not be afraid to do so, this full moon is a mystical moment for you and a perfect opportunity to dive deep and work from within.

So let’s see how the Full Moon in Libra can influence the zodiac signs:


This full moon will shed more light on your romantic relationships. The powerful light of the full moon will show you once again that things that don’t work, but you wanted to cover up. The best approach is to look into yourself and see if this relationship serves the both of you. It’s time to balance things out with compassion and care.


March with its full moon will bring along a very powerful energy for Taurus natives. You will eventually get out of the stagnant energy that’s been dragging you down and get moving. You will have the chance to learn some valuable lessons, as long as you see the things that happen in a positive light.


The cosmic event will be very fruitful for Gemini. You will continue your major shift, as Uranus in Taurus helps you see what your soul really is: a individualisation of divinity. At the same time unsolved problems that you swiped under the rug will resurface. It’s your choice whether you want to actually fix them or not.


The full moon is usually a time of introspection and meditation that can reveal some amazing insight. Cancer natives may feel the urge to do something eccentric, like looking into new objectives and surrounding yourself with unusual people, in the good sense. This is because you want feel drawn to humanitarian problems, occultism or even astrology. Give course to what gives you excitement.


This full moon brings very good energy your way. This energy will help you get rid of the old ideas that keep you from moving ahead your career, family and relations. The urge for freedom that you feel is natural and you feel ready to take some unexpected life decisions that will change your existence and your destiny.


With Mercury apparently retrograde in Pisces, the full moon’s energy will activate in you the area of relations and partnerships and competition. You may experience some unpleasant emotions, but don’t act upon them. Even if your love life, contracts and negotiations may suffer, load yourself with patience and avoid excessive criticism.


Venus transits your Love house during this full moon. This means that you’ll go through one of the most romantic and creative periods of your life. You may even find the love of your life. You’ll experience more inner peace, and a sense of freedom when it comes to your finances. This is an amazing time for you!


This full moon will bring a breath of fresh air when it comes to your relationships. If you’re in a relationship that doesn’t seem to work, you may feel the urge for a breakup. Everything is possible, but remember that real change comes with the self. When you change the old relationing ways, the people that you need in your life will come effortlessly.


Mercury apparently retrograde in your career house, advices you not to make any major career decisions during this full moon. Instead pay more attention to the people around you and see them as they are, not as they appear. At the same time, you’ll enjoy a burst of energy that will help you get things done.


Although Capricorn natives are mainly focused on productivity and order, the upcoming full moon will find them looking for new things to experiment. They may come as unusual and bizarre tastes to do things, your love life will enjoy an upgrade. You may experience a new kind of freedom that you need.


Your finances play an important role in your life at this time. You may look at this as an  opportunity to redefine certain investments, a business plan and see more clearly what talents you should develop in the future that will bring you more money. The full moon tells you that this is a great time to think about what is truly valuable in your life, what you really want and what is really worth your efforts.


You may experience that your personal image, your way of being and your relationships have delays, blockages, and need re-evaluations. The good news is that you are more receptive to learn new things and change the old ways. Amazing opportunities the full moon brings, take your time and be excited about what is and what will come.

The full moon in Libra on March the 21st will come as an opportunity for each and everyone of us to follow our excitement, to look into ourselves and dare to become who we want to be. Libra sign is all about law and commitment, which can also mean respecting what you believe to be true and committing to who you really are. The only way to do so is by knowing who you really are, deep inside. Have a wonderful journey!

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