Divination Review: Season 1

Divination Review: Season 1

Raise your hand if you’ve heard about the Miami YouTube web series: Divination.

If you have, great! If you haven’t you’re missing out. It’s a show about a man named Daniel who starts seeing visions of this woman trying to give him a message. Freaked out - he tells his best friend Tia about the visions. Tia thinks it’s all fun and games until the shit hits the fan.

There are only 4 episodes, about 5-6 mins each, so it’s a quick binge that’ll definitely leave you wanting more. And if you want to bring season 2 to light, then help the creator Z.L Spivey Jr (who plays Daniel in the show) by donating to his GoFundMe.


Alrighty, now on to my episode by episode breakdown of Divination.

Season 1, Ep 1: Duppie


We have a sexy chocolate thang pulling up to a diner in the opening scene. Okay, okay.

What in the hell? Going to the diner at all kinds of hours in the night is scary enough and then you find someone in the back seat of your car staring at you, and then has the nerve to grab you?! Nahhh b.

Daniel meets his BFF Tia at this diner and tries to explain to her what just happened to him, but she gets interrupted.

She’s back and now she’s trying to introduce him to a “friend”, some girl named Riah. But Riah is “different”… Daniel gives her the side eye thinking she’s trying to set him up for the okie doke.

In walks Riah, and lo and behold it’s the scary bitch from his vision.


Season 1. Ep 2: Dreams do come true

In walks Riah, and Daniel is shitting his pants. Lol! I’m dying. Daniel doesn’t play. He’s not going to ignore his intuition AND he’s trying to save his friend too. I like this guy.

T sweet talks her way back to the table where Riah is and drags Daniel with her. Meanwhile Riah and Daniel size each other up.

Riah doesn’t know why Daniel is dreaming about her, but she wants to help. So she pulls out the Tarot cards! Meanwhile I’m screaming at my screen to Daniel to cut the damn deck!

Riah pulled The Moon for Daniel and warns him of a darkness that’s following him. The Moon is all about our inner fears and illusions but Daniel isn’t buying it.

Tia steps away from the table and once again something pops off! Daniel is outta there ! Listen I’m down and all but if your eyes turn white and you looked possessed I’m going to have to pull out the palo santo, black tourmaline and agua de Florida on that ass.

No ma’am!

Season 1. Ep 3: WTF

For someone as scary as Daniel, I wouldn’t expect him to watch some throw back black and white creepy film - in the dark.

Oh shit. Watch out Daniel! Something’s coming for yo ass.

Listen I’m not even surprised dude got into an apartment complex in 2019 dressed like one of the Red Guards from Star Wars. Welcome to Miami Daniel. 🤣

Thank baby Jesus for T!

And the assailant is miraculously gone…

Wait, what?

Season 1. Ep 4: Runner

T and Daniel argue in the car about Riah and whether or not they should enlist her help. Listen, I’m with Daniel on this one. Riah is on some other shit. She’s showing up in dreams, her eyes are turning white and she has zero explanation for any of it. I’m going to need some receipts Riah!

Tia gets her way (AGAIN) and they show up at Riah’s where she has a bond fire ready by a cabin out in the middle of nowhere. Oh and it seems she’s already prepped for some sore of ritual with candles all over the cabin. Daniel ain’t having it and wants to leave ASAP. Sorry Daniel…it’s ritual time.

So they invoke the spirits and get all scared when they show up. Now ya’ll know better not to play with no spirits. And why do they have to leave? Can’t they just talk to her? Ya’ll asked for a sign and here it is and you’re running? Nah.

Welp. I take that back. The assailant was about to get ya’ll.

Phew, that was close. Now what?!

I need Season 2 like yesterday.

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