Your Guide to The February 2019 Full Moon

Your Guide to The February 2019 Full Moon

On February the 19th, we’re going to experience the full moon in Virgo.

Given Valentine’s Day was just a few days ago, I believe God made it possible for us to enjoy a loving full moon too, astrologically speaking. And people born under the sign of Virgo are not only considered to be very beautiful, but also very loving and nurturing.

This upcoming full moon wants us to focus on our own sensitivity and look at it through the eyes of love. Becoming more in touch with our emotions is another positive of this astrological event.

Another message that this full moon in Virgo has is that we should worry less about our health state and work issues. Things will automatically fall into place, once we allow them to. Have faith and enjoy this mystical moment that is about to come.

Let’s move further and see what message the full moon on February 19th brings to each zodiac sign.



This full moon brings new friendships your way in the sense that you will gather around you more benevolent people. At the same time you will have a time of reflection. It is a period favorable to loneliness, meditation in holy places, outdoor walks and rest all over the place.



Taurus natives may see some unusual situations arising in relationships with friends. Not everybody has their best interest when it comes to you, so tune in with your intuition. There you will find your answers. Love relationships will be reconfigured a way or another. This full moon is a good time to adjust your conception about love and its implications.



For Gemini, the upcoming full moon will bring a lot of changes in their workplace. It’s best to stay objective and avoid arguments and jumping into conclusions. The full moon wants you to focus on what really matters to you, the people you love and your own inner needs. Growth is inevitable you might as well embrace it.



Soul refinement and arts play a big role in your life during this full moon. You will be more open and receptive towards enriching your soul through arts or learning new things. This full moon is a great time for you to better your craft and at the same time tend to your soul’s needs. Enjoy it!



New collaborations and opportunities come your way at this time of February. Allow the introspection that the full moon brings to help you make the most inspired decisions. When your train of thoughts is more clear and you feel what you want to say is well understood, it’s time to take action. Allow the new moon to bless you with wisdom in decision making.



You are the analyst, the perfectionist and the doctor that heals the troubles of the physical world. While you tend to point out what needs fixing, your purpose is to serve others. This full moon is your time to shine. And its message is that in order to help others you need to take care of your soul first. Only when you’ve cleared the fears that hide inside your mind and soul, you can take the most inspired actions for the greater good. Take a day off, go to a beauty salon or make yourself something healthy to eat. Simply enjoy yourself!



Things at work may be hectic and stressful for Libras at this time. But there’s hope! The full moon in Virgo wants to tell you to that when you clear your mind from the delusions and look truth in the eyes, it’s then when you’ll find the solutions. You may not see pleasant things at the first look, but when you look at the bigger picture everything will make sense. Be fearless!



These natives may have go through some serious changes in their personal lives. Change is a constant, but what you can always keep still is your positive, loving and accepting state of mind. That’s when change will no longer equal any sort of loss. The full moon wants to tell you that the one thing you will always have is your spirit. So keep it up!



The full moon in Virgo finds you on the move. Whatever you want to do that you find exciting know that this full moon is a good time for renewal. And the best starting point is yourself. Physical cleanliness, a detox or even a spiritual healing is what a Sagittarius needs during this full moon. Leave bad habits behind, one full moon at a time.



Although you may have some difficulties learning new things, this astrological event opens you up to develop personally and professionally. Things will naturally fall into their righteous place eventually, following the divine order. While you may have this urge and stubbornness to control things in your life, know that they do have their own timing and place. Trust that!



This full moon looks very promising to Aquarius natives, financially speaking. So this is a great time to count your blessings and send gratitude to all that you have and all that you are. Understand that the universe give us what we focus on. Continue to put out what you want back and enjoy all that comes your way.



This is a perfect time for you to take good care of yourself and recharge you batteries. With the Moon in Vigo and the Sun in the sign of Pisces, this full moon is a veritable divine torch that sheds light upon all things, including the ones we avoid. This is the time to look into those areas of yourself that you kept avoiding. Know that only you can bring light and healing into your soul. And this is the perfect timing!


Bottom line

Both Virgo and Pisces share the desire to be in the service of others. And this Full Moon can help us understand that we need to be in the service of our souls first. Trust that you are helped, guided and often pushed by an unseen force to follow the lines of our story and our path. The word “sacrifice” means to perform something that is sacred. To add the spiritual dimension and put the divine in all that you do. The true sacrifice that you can make is acknowledging your own sacrality, your higher self and your divine source. Rest assured that this Full Moon guides you every step of the way!

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