Netwitch & Chill: Anime Edition

Netwitch & Chill: Anime Edition

Sooooo you can thank my brother David for my knack for Anime.

I wouldn’t say I’m an anime geek or anything close but I do love me a good and morbid-ish anime. Why? Well that’s beyond me my friends.

Here are some anime’s worth binging on Netflix.



OMG I was obsessed the minute my brother showed me a clip of Alucard and Trevor battling upon meeting. I love me a good Dracula, especially the Gary Oldman kind, and this anime doesn’t disappoint. It’s really moody, bloody and addicting. I sure as hell am mad there are only two seasons and each season only has like 6 episodes. Boo!


Attack on Titan

Again, you can thank my brother for this hot mess. Another gory, giant humans ripping off the heads of little humans because they’re brainless and hungry all the time? I guess.


Sailor Moon

I mean why not? Let’s go back to our pre-Internet adolescence and laugh at how sexist and utterly terrible this anime is.


Mary & The Witch’s Flower

Another coming of age witch story that’s not that bad. If you can get passed the first couple of slow minutes then it gets good. I watched it because Kate Winslet is amongst the cast. You can’t go wrong with Rose.



Technically not Anime, but officially my new binging addiction. Bean is an alcoholic teenage princess running around with a magical but then again, not-so-magical elf named…wait for it….Elfo. Oh and then there’s a demon (Luci) that attaches itself to Bean and makes her do all kinds of bad shit. Just like a Shinigami but not so terrifying. Plus it’s made by Matt Groening, who created The Simpsons and Futurama, so you know it’s funny and slightly inappropriate - which always makes a good excuse for your grown ass watching a cartoon.

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