Your Guide to the July Full Moon

Your Guide to the July Full Moon

This month’s full moon is on July the 27th and it’s said to be crazy. It’s a full moon in Aquarius, with an opposition between Moon in Aquarius and Sun in Leo. But in addition to this, we’re also going to witness the longest total lunar eclipse of the century on the very same day.

The word eclipse stands for "abandonment, disappearance, overcoming something or  someone, to leave on a sneak." On July the 27th we can experience the definition of an eclipse, at least partially. We will be forced to release and heal our deepest wounds, to overcome old fears and the old relationship models that affect our divine self.

The full moon eclipse in Aquarius gives us the opportunity to see within ourselves the ability to love without waiting for something in return, to develop the love for our neighbor, the unknown or the divinity. It is time to question our old beliefs and understand the divine part of life by practicing forgiveness, the love for our peers, by accepting others as they are regardless of merits, faults or financial status.

The full moon and lunar eclipse on July the 27th will affect each zodiac sign differently. So here is a short “survival” guide to this full moon for each of the zodiac signs.

What to do with this moon’s energy:

This lunar eclipse is extremely powerful due to several configurations that form in the sky. Eclipses bring about major life events. Somethings ends while others are ready to begin. What we will experience on July 27th depends on what is now present in our lives.


The longest lunar eclipse of the century will influence the house of partnerships and marital relationships. You will be able to decide on an acute issue in your couple's life and find resolutions. Either way, expect for new events coming from this direction and keep an open mind.


Honor your desire to rise above and be the one responsible for your destiny instead of letting others dictate it. Draw your power from within, from your roots, your home, and from the true calling of your soul. All will be well.


Stay focused on your dreams to receive divine inspiration. Waves of intuition will come flowing over you so it’s best to use them wisely. If you're angry about an unfulfilled desire this is the time to open up your channels of communication. Look around you inspiring ideas to help you stay positive.


This full moon it’s the time for you to deal with relationship issues. The reason is your relationships, will now lit up to this full red lunar eclipse, urging you to take back your inner power that you gave away. Value your talents and resources and have more self-confidence! All is well.


This is a challenging and intense time for Leos in the good sense. You will be overflown with surprises and dramatic twist and turns as if your life was a movie scene. Although acting is your middle name, this full moon asks for authenticity more than anything else. It’s up to you to decide how you’re going to live these events, with or without a mask. Either way, be true to yourself.


You need more freedom in your life and you may decide to run away from this eclipse to the opposite end of the world. Understand that if you’re not clear to what you're doing, you'll take your bad habits with you wherever you go. The key lies in your own awakening and spiritual evolution. Make time to rest, meditate and find the answers that you were looking for.


This full moon will have a powerful influence on your love life. You can allow yourself to change completely, by releasing the emotional, sexual or financial ties that have kept you bound for so long. Keep your real friends close to you and allow their wit to give you more clarity and strength.


Your actions will be successful, especially due to the fact that between the 27th and 29th of and July, the Sun shows a major proximity to the destiny line. Although you may witness some turbulence in your family relations on this full moon, tend to the conflict inside you and start solving your problems from there. 


Mercury apparently retrograde and the Sun will invite these natives to a lucid analysis. It’s time to rethink prejudices or correct mistakes by using the information you have received or have acquired through learning. If your mind feels stuck in a loop, it’s time to change the setting.


It's time to reevaluate how you manage your resources, especially if you feel that what you earn does not reflect your true value. This full moon is a great time for you to reevaluate how you value your talents, or other things or the people in your life. Keep an open mind and on an open heart and you’ll enjoy the positives that come with it.


The full moon in Aquarius can put you in front of other, more special, more urgent, more exciting or more complex realities. On the morning of July 27th, Mercury will move into a seemingly retrograde motion and create prerequisites for re-evaluations and observations related to a partnership, a relationship, a contract or an offer. It is a major moment of awareness that can change the way you see life and live it. Make the most of it!


Trust your intuition and look at your dreams to get clues. A random encounter or something someone says can take you by surprise and leave you questioning. If you feel drained of energy, look for the psychosomatic symptoms your body shows to tell you what you can change. Focus on your abilities and good habits to rebuild yourself back on your feet.

The full moon in Aquarius on July 27th is the best time to harvest in ourselves the ability to love without waiting for something in return. Nurture this love for your neighbor, for the unknown and for divinity. It’s the perfect time to question your beliefs and to open your mind to receive divine inspiration.

Get ready to understand the divine aspects of life, to practice forgiveness, to love your peers, and to accept others as they are, regardless of anything else. When you accept others as they are, you are actually accepting yourself. 

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